Pick The Motorcycle That Fits You

Below are some clips from a fantastic website, cycle-ergo.com, that lets you set you height, inseam length and even 'preferred arm straightness'. After that you just choose your preferred make and model of motorcycle which then overlays a model of you on the chosen motorcycle. I am loving this, all those motorcycles you have wondered about or are considering this site offers a great starting point to see just how well of a fit the motorcycle could be.

Of course the list is not exhaustive with brands and models missing but they do have an impressive amount up already and hopefully it will be further expanded on in the future. Yes, for some you can also get lower seats, change out the suspension, maybe try different tyre sizes and so on to get that perfect height and fit. For those of us who would rather those things be luxuries then necessities, this is certainly a must visit site to go through your motorcycle wishlist.

So what are you waiting for? Head over and start trying out motorcycles for size!

Peace and keep the rubber side down.

Amplify’d from cycle-ergo.com
To adjust measurements, click the + and - buttons next to the field.

To compare motorcycles, first click "Compare with a 2nd Motorcycle"
to add a second motorcycle. Move the mouse over the image on the right and
use the scroll wheel to scroll between the two motorcycles, or alternatively
you can just click the Motorcycle #1 or Motorcycle #2 headers.

You can compare any number of motorcycles simultaneously.
Read more at cycle-ergo.com

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