Some Pictures of The Cr-48

Finally a chance to post some pictures of the Cr-48, as you can see these are a few shots of the outside but  there is also a less then great picture of the browser itself, will get better ones up in the future. You can get more views over on my Flickr page.

Cr-48 - Open
The Cr-48 notebook

Cr-48 - Right Side View
The Right Side: From left to right you can see a cooling vent, covered SD card slot (springs open), earphone port, USB port and power cable port

Cr-48 - Left Side View
The Left Side: Here you can see some cooling vents and a serial port

Cr-48 - Chrome OS
Google Chrome OS

Cr-48 - Keyboard
The keyboard of the Cr-48, note the tweaks to complement Google Chrome OS

Since the USB and SD card slots are not yet enabled as standard, they can be turned on, but functionality is limited thus far, I do need to upload the images via a non-Chrome OS machine. This is still beta software so this is to be expected. It makes sense for Google to be concentrating on getting the OS working perfect before dealing with peripherals. Chrome OS has been working very well, no crashes to report but start up can be a little slow depending on if you have 'pinned tabs' or what apps/extensions are trying to load.

What is impressing me is how quick the notebook turns on and wakes up from sleep, you really are straight onto the web quicker then anything else out there, as noted this may be more sluggish depending on the apps/exts installed. I am sure that Google are far from rolling out all the features of Chrome OS and with a very healthy developer community via the Chrome Web Store there will be little this will not be able to do.

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