The Dream Is Over - Motus Unveiling Bikes In Daytona

If you are going to the 70th Annual Daytona Bike Week then on March 10th at 2pm make sure you are at the Progressive International Motorcycle Show in the Ocean Center, Daytona Beach. Why? Because Motus will be giving spectators a chance to look at their prototype MST and premium MST-R motorcycles. I have been following Motus since I first heard about them as the motorcycles sound like exceptionally fun sport-tourers powered by a "mighty KMV4 "baby block" engine, a gasoline direct injected, 90 degree V4". This 'baby block' will be a 1645cc lump which should produce a minimum of 140bhp or 162Nm (120lb-ft)!

This is what Motus have to say about who this should appeal to: The MST concept will likely appeal to several groups. There is one group of sportbike riders who want an exciting riding experience, but also want to travel longer distances more comfortably. Then, there is another group of American motorcycle enthusiasts that may see a hot-rod sport tourer as an alternative to the Euro and Japanese analogues. Company VP Brian Case adds, “We hope the MST series will appeal to several kinds of riders. Some sportbike riders are looking for more comfort without sacrificing performance. Some cruiser riders want better performance and would love to find an American alternative”.

The aim is to produce a motorcycle that will be "a comfortable sportbike designed for long distance canyon carving, solo or two-up". Though instead of going the route of many motorcycle makers whose engines are more tech then engine, Motus have engineered this from the outset to be easily worked on, no matter where you are. Be it farkling in your garage/shed or relying on a local mechanic, this bike will not require a master's degree to change the oil. Much of this way of thinking I believe comes from the US love affair with muscle cars and the weekend mechanics that work on them. The way things are right now economically, this is not a bad plan, especially if Motus are selling all the parts for the right price. For a complete datasheet on the engine just Click Here

Here is a video to help bring you up up speed with the Motus story and outlook, together with some glimpses at what is waiting for those lucky people at Daytona:

To think what started off as this sketch...

Has been turned into this very promising motorcycle...

Already I am looking at it and thinking, get rid of the Givi luggage for some Hepco & Becker luggage, add handguards, heated grips, keep an eye out for a chin spoiler and in between all that seeing where the road goes. In the photos you can see nice touches like the upside-down forks, a remote preload adjuster for the rear suspension, hopefully the brake fluid reservoir on the handlebars will be billet aluminium on the final version. At first glance it reminds me of the Ducati ST3/ST4 and even my Buell Ulysses XB12XT , motorcycles I really like, but they went the way of the dinosaur. The curvy bodywork of the fairing, and the way the tank flows into the seat all gets the thumbs up from me, but that is just personal preference, preferring that style over the F-117 like samplings on the road today.  

At the moment there is no news on the price other then: "The MST incorporates premium components and the highest level of engineering, but will be affordable to a wide range of riders." Fingers crossed on what that may end up translating into.

I wish all the best for the guys and gals at Motus, I think they are onto something good here. Just do me a favour, do not let a short-sighted motorcycle company buy you out!

Peace & keep the rubber side down.
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