Ubuntu Global Jam Ireland Saturday March 3rd 2012

The Ubuntu Global Jam here in Ireland is going down today. A physical meet-up is happening in Limerick in conjunction with Google+ hangouts and the more traditional IRC channels. So for those who want to participate either in person or remotely here are a few handy links;

Ubuntu Global Jam Limerick

The Limerick end of the Global Jam has been confirmed, it will take place the 3rd from 9 to 5 in the University of Limerick in the students union room 3...

For more details about this event just click here

Ubuntu Ireland on Google+

This is relatively painless, if you have a Google account just log in and add Ubuntu Ireland to one of your circles. From there you can comment, hangout and mingle.

Ubuntu Ireland on the IRC

The Ubuntu Ireland IRC almost always have some people online and is a great way to get in contact with other Ubuntu Ireland users. If using the default Ubuntu IM client, Empathy, then logging in is relatively straight forward.

Add an IRC account in Empathy just as if you are setting up any other account. IRC accounts do not usually need passwords either, just a username you want to go by. After that;

  1. Go to the messaging menu and select 'chat'
  2. When the 'contact list' appear, head to the global menubar and select 'room'
  3. Then select 'join room'
  4. Account: freenode
  5. Room: #ubuntu-ie
  6. Now you should be logged into the Ubuntu Ireland IRC channel
Not in Ireland but still want to take part?

May I introduce the Ubuntu Global Jam Dashboard

This is a one-stop shop for all things Ubuntu Global Jam related. With Twitter and identi.ca streams, details about local events, a browser based IRC, and much more. So feel free to dive in there and connect with the Ubuntu community.

You can always keep an eye on the Ubuntu Ireland loco team here and connect with us via any of those links.


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