Honda NC700X MPG Update

FINALLY got around to the first full fuel-up tonight on the NC700X. The bike came with about 3-4 bars on the dash so when that ran out at 172 km I filled up, reset the trip and tonight the last bar on the dash started flashing to let me know I was into the reserve. Most owners seem to suggest that that flashing bar should be good for up to 70 km's depending on how hard you ride obviously!

Anyway, filled up the tank, logged it all on Fuelly and I can report that I managed an astounding 3.4 L/100km or 84.1mpg.

I am finding it hard to believe, though I should add the caveats that I have been keeping the revs low and generally riding easier than I normally would, at least until I get the first service out of the way. But to say that motorcycles can be fun and still be green at the same feels good ;-)

Peace and keep the rubber side down.

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