Clearing Out The Stable - Various Buell Parts For Sale

Now that the Buell is long bolted from my stable doors it is time to start making some space and clearing out the various parts and accessories leftover from ownership. I have started by listing a few of the items on my ebay profile and if you dig around on my flickr page you should also find better images for most of the items.

Most of the items are used, but I do have a few unopened items like H-D relays and a front muffler strap that never were needed. You can find them all via the ebay link above. I do have a few items I have not yet listed, mainly Touratech parts, but I am missing mounting bolts and the cost of me shipping that stuff would probably be worth more than the items. If I come across the mounting parts I might rethink it, but right now they are probably destined for a landfill...or a contemporary furniture installation!

On the plus side in the less than two weeks the items have been up I have already made my first two ebay sales, so have have broken my ebay selling 'duck'. Ebay could make the whole process a little easier by sorting out their Google Chrome integration, they provide a nice little extensions for Chrome but you need to use IE or Firefox to get all the features working when accessing the website, at least on Ubuntu anyway.

Hopefully there will be some bits up for grabs that people will have a good home for, plenty of miles left in them yet.


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