Google+ Killed The Conversation on Blogger

You Maniacs! You blew it up! Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell!
~ George Taylor, Planet of the Apes

I have just realised that I am not getting comment notifications any more, so for those of you who's comments have gone unanswered its not me, its not you, its Google+. Turns out that since turning on the Google+ comment integration there seems to be a problem with letting authors know that people have been trying to engage on their blogs.

To show you just how committed I am to solving this I went to the Google Product Forums. Oh yes, I danced in the pale moonlight with "Top Contributors", probably the most highly evolved of the troll species. I did come across various threads looking at the issue, littered with the usual READ THE FAQS type answers, and likewise most threads had gone inactive after nobody stumped up a solution.

Several of these FAQ links sent me to an About Google+ Comments guide, but for those of us that have read it, you will see that it does explicitly state that;
  • As the author of a post, you’ll receive Google+ notifications when readers comment on or share your blog post.

Obviously this is not the case. Further in the Blogger Posts overview page there is no longer a comment count, that may be excused if it is relating to the old comment system. However if it does then why even show it once the move over to Google+ integration is made?

I have yet to find a satisfactory solution to this and the sad thing is if you reply to this blog post with the answer I may never see it. Though my Spidey senses are tingling that with this level of Blogger commitment from Google just might be a sign of an impending Google announcement about the future of Blogger, especially considering the growth of Google+.

But that's just crazy talk.


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