Scrambler Urban Enduro

I have seen them all, but I must confess the Scrambler Urban Enduro is my pick of the bunch. Just like the rest of the Scrambler family you are getting the same 803cc L-Twin making 75hp, Brembo ABS brakes, headlight that includes a LED ring, even a USB port under the seat. The Urban Enduro is tricked out specifically to suit its unique style including nice touches like the skid plate and headlight grill. All-in-all a really fun piece of kit.

Scrambler Urban Enduro with most of its extras on show

There is the headlight grill and brace bar

The Scrambler Land of Joy!
Obviously the other members of the family are equally as fun to ride, I just prefer the look and styling of the Urban Enduro and it would be the one I would go after. The Land of Joy is now set up in Rosso Ducati with lots of Scrambler goodness on display.

Peace and keep the rubber side down.

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